I have described about some basic android commends.

$ android – Android SDK Manager Window will be opened, you can install whatever version you want.

$ android list targets – It helps to see targets list.

$ android avd – Android Virtual Device Manager window will be opened, you can create and start emulator.

$ emulator – It helps to run emulator.

$ android create project –target <target-id> –name <MyFirstApp> –path <path-to- workspace>/MyFirstApp –activity <MyActivity> –package com.example.myfirstapp

Once you create the project. Folder will be created. Folder structure

MyFirstApp / libs

                   / res / drawable-hdpi /

                   / drawable-ldpi /

                   / drawable-mdpi /

                   / layout /…… . xml files (for design layout)

                   / values / strings.xml

                   / src / com / myfirstapp / MyFirstApp / MyActivity.java

                   / AndroidManifest.xml

                   / ant.properties

                  / build.xml

                  / locat.properties

                  / proguard-project.txt

                  / project.propeties

These are basic folder and files, if you want any other thing, you have to create.

$ ant clean – It helps to clean project

$ ant debug – It helps to find bug in the code and create apk file to install

$ adb install – It helps to install apk file in the device or emulator.

Ex: adb install -r bin/MyFirstApp-debug.apk

$ ant release – It helps to generate unsigned apk file

$ adb pull – It helps to copy file from device to system.

$ adb push – It helps to push file from system to device

Basic Android commends in terminal