• To establish franchise centers and deliver content in distance education approach.
  • The franchise center uses PC to access the content.
  • To come with a solution using minimal bandwidth to deliver large number of videos. Content needs to be protected.
  • Students shall access video lessons and eBook’s at local center.
  • Students take practice tests and ask questions nonlinear from local center.


  • MobiSir proposed a solution that had the following high level features.
  • Cloud based LMS to author and manage content and facilitate students.
  • BlackBox with local LMS and videos are played as part of local LAN.
  • Sync mechanism between BlackBox and Cloud.


  • Video sessions, eBooks, assessments,
  • Ask expert, notes taking, reports,
  • Admin Console to author and manage content,
  • manage students, franchises etc.


  • HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP5.
  • Apache , lighttpd server, MySQL.
  • node.js, Python, Amazon EC2, OpenVPN.


  • The solution balances the need of the student, franchise center and the company.
  • Eliminated the concern on internet dependency for coaching.
  • Have “offline” delivery capability to keep internet cost low for franchises and also have ability to scale business using
  • franchisees with secured quality digital content.
  • Students have the access to the star teacher quality of learning
  • without going to head office.

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