SmartPool is an android app to provide the car pool in a smart way .

SmartPool vision is to make the car pool very simple and easy to use at any time for all the people (irrespective of whether a person has a car or not !) with maximum amount of trust and should result in reduced car print per day in the city (in effect less fuel usage and less vehicle sales and less environmental damage !).


  1. Set up the circle and journey .
  2. Publish pooling information .
  3. Avail pooling .

In order to reduce the risk of strangers (possibility of anti social elements misusing the app) coming to car pooling, we introduce the concept of circle.

User needs to invite friends and colleagues in order to form the circle.

The published information on pooling will be visible only within the circle.

The app provides just in a click access to most of the features.

Car pool users gets information exchange through notifications.