• Retail major has deployed a licensed enterprise learning system, priced at USD20 per employee per annum for 250000 employees.
  • The retail major wants to reduce learning cost per employee. He wanted to explore open source implementation to enable cost savings.


  • Retail major decides to migrate to open source and the migration shall have minimal or no impact on the employees.
  • IT company engaged MobiSir from proposal stage for system architecture, technical design and client interactions.
  • Our architect visited client in USA to kick start the project.
  • Facilitated our partner to start open source development from scratch.


  • Designed an Enterprise Learning System based on open source technologies.


  • Back-end web services developed to access Moodle.
  • 10000+ PDF files hosted in an intranet based Local Alfresco.
  • 5000 training videos hosted on internet based Kaltura.
  • Existing HRMS from PeopleSoft integrated.
  • Existing Performance Management System integrated.


  • CentOS, MySQL, PHP, Moodle, Kaltura,
  • Alfresco, DJango, Python,
  • iOS, Android, LDAP


  • Huge savings on license cost (over USD 5mil annually) and
    continue to host videos externally.

US retail major ( jointly with IT company)