Learn from your mobile on the GO. Learn without internet on the Go.

Perform assessment, listen to audio, view video.

Any time any where learning.


  • Internet
  • SD Card
  • WiFi

Content Type

  • Assessment
  • Notes
  • Audio
  • Video


  • Content Protection
  • Offline
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Content Analysis

MobiSir created android learning platform, to enable complete course delivery in offline mode.The learning platform comes with 3 major components

  • Learning portal
  • Mobile Application
  • Class Course Content packaged in SD card. These content are protected against privacy by MobiSir encryption approach

The student purchases SD card. The student installs the application on android devices( version>3.0) . Here are the steps for the the student to start learning content.

  • The android application and SD card are jointly activated for first time. Activation requires device requires internet connection. Once device is activated, student is asked to create unique login credentials.
  • Post activation and creating credentials, the student shall access learning content in offline mode. The mobile application might demand entering of user credentials on specific time intervals to prevent piracy.
  • Basic information about the student, learning moments of the student and content usage pattern is synced with the learning portal on regular basis.