mXams B2C

Learn from your mobile on the GO. Learn without internet on the Go.

Perform assessment, listen to audio, view video.

Any time any where learning.


  • Internet
  • SD Card
  • WiFi

Content Type

  • Assessment
  • Notes
  • Audio
  • Video


  • Content Protection
  • Offline
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Content Analysis

Training providers in India create learning content. Student in rural areas have limited or no access to high quality learning content. The power of competitive examinations towards career is increasing. The unavailability of good content for the student has negative impact in their preparedness for competitive exams.

Training providers opened physical classroom centres in Tier-2 cities and Tier-3 towns. This enabled them to reach only to affluent students and did not enable to reach poor students in Tier-2 cities and Tier-3 towns. Next technology was leveraged to reach more students and technology access needs access to PC and internet. The rural and poor student have no or bad internet connection and have limited or no access to PCs. Hence the problem for poor student continues.

The affluent students purchased PC and got internet connection.These students belonged to the student category that can afford to travel to big towns or urban locations for crash course. The digital divide(no internet,no PC) faced by student is a constraint to access learning content, irrespective of their learning potential. MobiSir proposed mXams solution to remove the constraint.

“Students have access to mobile. Can we distribute learning content to large section of students using mobile?”